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Our Two Price Plans


Premium Monthly Plan: starting 

$175 per month

  • Weekly Cleaning (more details on home page)

  • Filter Cleans (up to 4x per year)

  • Chemistry testing and balancing

  • Chemicals, such as: chlorine, muriatic acid, tabs, salt, conditioner, and algaecide are included.


Exclusive Orenda Plan: starting 

$250 per month

  • Includes EVERYTHING in the Premium Monthly Plan 

  • Regular ORENDA Chemical dosages

  • Enzymes

  • Phosphate Remover

  • Clarifiers

  • Metal Control

  • Regular Saturation Index Testing

Not all chemicals are created equal. Chlorine and Acid are the industry standard to help control algae in swimming pools. But there's so many things going on in water that they can only do so much- especially if your dog(s) swim in the pool and/or your family uses the pool frequently. That's where ORENDA products come in.

ORENDA products will oxidize, destroy and remove all the living and non-living organics that make a pool difficult to maintain, keep crystal clear, and enjoy. ORENDA Products are Non-Toxic and NSF Certified. In fact, after an Orenda Product is added to your pool, you can immediately go swimming. You will SEE, TASTE, and FEEL the difference in the water. Please see the One-Minute video below or call us for more details about this service plan.

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