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Service Policy

The following applies to our service, weather, termination, and pricing agreement. Please read thoroughly. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please call us at (951) 313-7717. Our billing address is: 5198 Arlington Avenue #306, Riverside, Ca 92504.


All services include the following: chemical testing, brushing the walls and tile, emptying of pump and skimmer baskets, netting, removal of debris, vacuuming if necessary, and checking the equipment for proper operation. With our Premium Service, Liquid Chlorine Muriatic Acid, Algaecide, Conditioner, Salt (salt pools only) and Chlorine Tabs are included. Filter cleans are also included and are done up to 4 times a year.

If a gate to enter pool area is locked and no one is home to unlock it and a spare key was not provided for us, then pool service will continue the following week. Your pool service will not be switched to a different day and you monthly bill will not be prorated. If you cannot be home at the day we arrive to service your pool, please provide us with a key/combo for the gate. If you have an “aggressive” dog that is out, we will not go in the backyard. If no one is home to put the dog away, then your service will continue the following week and your monthly bill will not be prorated. Please note that we are not responsible for calcium build-up in your pool or spa. It also the homeowner's responsibility to make sure the pool water level is appropriate. For liability reasons, we do not add water to pools.


In bad weather, such as severe winds, thunder/lightning, and hard rain, all pools are treated as chemical stops only if weather is occurring while we are servicing the pool; your service day will not be switched. Windy conditions can sometimes cause inconsistencies with your day of service and may require the pools to be serviced twice or more before it is entirely cleaned. Pricing is based under normal weather conditions. 

On Spring and Summer holidays, all pool service stops may be treated as chemicals stops only. On Fall and Winter Holidays, all pool service stops may continue the following week. Your service day will not be switched.


All services are month to month and may be terminated by either party for any reason.

Pricing & Billing:

Pricing is based on a 4-week month, therefore this leaves us with 48 weeks per year (4 x 12 = 48). This leaves 4 weeks a year we do not bill for. We reserve 2 of these weeks for vacation; the week of Thanksgiving & Christmas. The other 2 weeks are reserved for sickness or other matters. All billing is done through email with our current billing software, Freshbooks. Again, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for your business, 

Ryan Martineau

Aqua Care Pools

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